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Sunday, 13 June 2010

i finished the mega ugly hat for my niece Grace. it was VERY ugly but it servered its perpose and it got my more comfortable with knitting again. I have a picture of her in it but my sister has banned me from showing anyone it.

Since then i made myself this shrug I started this shrug the night before I left for my brothers wedding and finished it on the car ride up. I was so quick to knock up and I got a LOT of compliments for it. I changed some parts of the pattern a little, I used size 20mm needles instead of 25mm and I used merino instead of mohair. I increased the number of cast on stitches to 36 instead of 34 since I was using smaller needles but I wished I hadnt cos its a 'little' too big to keep on my shoulders. My mother has asked me to make one for her for her birthday on the 20th, I've knit about 18 inches so far.

I tried to adapt a pattern to make a little bride and groom for my brothers wedding but i gave up on them. The style of them was a cute thing with big head and body and little details with things like arms. Though with the little skirt on the bride and the lack of arms and the big round head she looked a bit more like a sea monster so that project has been pretty much permantly shelved (literally, on my top shelf)

Still need to finish other booty and ballet cardigan for eleanor

Monday, 17 May 2010

learning to knit

so im off work on sick leave for two glorious weeks so i have decided to start knitting. so far it is not nearly as fun as crochet but hopfully when i get better at it i'll enjoy it more.
my first project is as simple as it can get. a baby hat for grace, basically knit a rectangle, fold it over, sew the sides and stick it on her head. im making it in a very attractive bright red colour that im sure she will love /sarcasm.
i ordered stich n bitch online as well to i can make lots of brilliant knitting projects but yet again things arent going my way. saw a pattern for mittens which i figured would be awesome and simple and i have the perfect yarn in my stash for them but guess what, i need 4 double pointed needles to make them and the info on how to knit with four double pointed needles is vauge as hell. its obviously not gonna stop me but i doubt ill get them done this week.

things to do:
finish ugly hat for grace
make other baby booty