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Friday, 17 August 2012

Florida build up

Good Afternoon People!

Yes its been forever, yes I've cheered up after my miserable whiny post from last time (although things got a lot shitter before they started improving)

Most important things first, on Monday I go to Disney World Florida!!

All the family will be there, Mum, Step-dad, both sisters, both brother in laws, all the nieces, the lone nephew and my long suffering boyfriend. 

I have planned some knitting for the flight though I'm a bit nervous about it. the TSA and Direct Gov may both say you can take knitting but what if I get a grumpy security man? I don't want to cause a scene. 

I have decided on a loose fitted jumper called Boxy by Joji Locatelli for my travel knitting. Its a lot of stockingette but I think that would be good for while I listen to podcasts and watch The Avengers on repeat.
I decided to do it in a green half wool half acrylic yarn I've had in my stash for a while, I have just enough yarns for it so I've decided to do the ribbed edges in a cream all wool yarn I have to give myself a little extra wiggle room (I live in constant fear I'll be short of yarn). 

I'm hoping to get some yarn shopping in while I'm away. There's some yarns which (as far as I can tell from listening to pod casts) seem pretty standard in America that I would really like to try out such as Cascade 220, Lionbrand and RedHeart. So I plan on finding a nearby Joanne's or Michael's and seeing what I can find.

I have a few other projects I have recently finished and would like to mention (since I'm a little bit pleased with myself). I took part in this years Ravellenic games and made myself a pair of socks. 

I'm kinda proud of them because they are my first pair of socks that don't have a daft mistake and I made the pattern up all by myself. I used the Texere yarn Jura in lime and kingfisher. I loved this yarn. Several people commented it was a bit course but I think that's a good thing for socks, specially after my jitterbug socks when all fluffy. Also the colour is fantastic, I think its a tad bit brighter then in this photo. 

The other project I finished that I'm quite pleased with is my bias wrap. I made this to go with my dress for my step sisters wedding after I realised that the colour of the Kid Silk Haze I had in my stash was the same colour as my dress. It took my a very long time to do and it was a very boring knit. I hate doing scarves and wraps because its the same pattern over and over again. But eventually I got it done and it looked fantastic. Unfortunately I got too drunk at the wedding and forgot to get a decent picture of me wearing it so the best I've got is a picture the boyfriend took of me just as my heels sunk into the grass (it was a very wet day, when the rain finally stopped and we ran out for photos all the women were stuggling with the mega soft ground)

See you soon x