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Friday, 10 February 2012

Rock Shows and Craft Shows

Feeling pretty poorly and I have nothing to do so I thought I’d write myself a blog.

Today is Friday and I’m very excited as tomorrow I’m off to see Avenue Q and then on Sunday I’m going to see the Kerrang tour to see New Found Glory. I saw New Found Glory at Leeds Festival and they were awesome so I cannot wait to see them again. Unfortunately the other band playing, Sum 41, had to pull out due to illness and were replaced with another band called The Blackout but they are worlds apart in terms of music style and I’m not sure how well this will go down. I’ll be seeing them with my friend Lisa who is a big fan of the band so I'll have to enjoy they for her. After all she stayed with me all the way through The Strokes at Leeds Fest.

Also, while on the subject of music, I bought my first ever Nine Inch Nails song last night, I don’t know why this would be important but for some random reason I feel it is. I also bought my first ever tracks by Death Cab for Cutie and They Might be Giants and some night 80s stuff by Go West but you don’t see blogging about those do you (:p I bought other music too, good music, don’t judge me on just these bands please or you’ll think I’m weird)

On to crafts, Myself and Lauren will be trading at Miscellarium in August with our joint craft venture Non-Conformist Crafts. We went to the Maker Market last weekend and meant Fiona (organiser of Maker Market and Miscellarium) and Daniel (trader at Maker Market and organiser of Miscellarium and owner of Impossible Gears) face to face.
They both seemed amazingly lovely but I was just too hungover from the night before to say anything interesting so I’m sure they both think I’m a right sap. But there’ll be plenty of other opportunities in the future to show them how amazing and brilliant I am. I bought a necklace from Daniels stall and I LOVE it. I wear it all the time however the pendant is the inside of a watch and it’s a little bit too pokey to wear all the time and I keep catching scarves etc in it. But that’s part of why I love it.

As for the crafts I’ve been making myself. I have been finishing off some bits for Non-Conformist crafts. I have finished the bag that could stand up for itself. I have made a pattern and some mock ups of gloves/wrist warmers with a little bit of a ruffle on them. I’m not sure if they are overly special as there are probably a lot of slightly ruffley gloves/wrist warmers out there but I’m quite proud as its my first pattern I’ve made that has worked without any major issues. I've also sorted out all the flower pins to take those too.

I finally joined the rest of the world and cast on a featherweight cardigan for myself. A lot of people have tried to talk me out of it as its dull and its quite shapeless, or at least I'm told its just a straight body with loose arms, well that's exactly the type of cardigan I want to knit for myself so I guess we're all in luck aren't we? I've also cast on a jumper which i can not remember the name of right now but it has a low low neck line, sleeves that look like they have actual poof to them and from the bust down its all rib. I can on with the King Cole Galaxy that my mum bought me for Christmas and I'm enjoying working on it a lot, its quite mindless so far as it's all rib but I've been in the mood for mindless projects I can carry around without needing lots of patterns etc. Which brings me on to my socks. I love the look of them and I love the yarn I'm using but I'm sick of carrying notes with me so I know where I am in the pattern so they are getting neglected. Which yet again brings me to my next project, I've started a sock yarn blanket and so far I really love it. I have all my scraps in the wooden bowl Alan's parents got me on the coffee table and I make squares while I watch telly. I've had some donations from my knitting group of sock yarn scraps to go towards the blanket (which are great as I'd like to to be as colourful and different as possible) but unless I start finishing some 4 ply projects soon I'll run out of scraps and I'll have to stop which will suck so I need to keep my head down and get those socks and the featherweight done!

I feel this has gone on long enough but I wanted to mention that I'm trying to go for another stash down year. I tried last year and got to about May and then continued as I always do (spending loads). This year it was barely past the new year mark before I was buying more yarn but so far I have only bought in decent quantities (so I can actually make something instead of wondering what to do with a single balls worth of something) and I've only bought stuff in sales that was at least under two pounds. I know I can't stop all together but I have so much I want to save up for this year with holidays and hopefully moving in with Alan, that I hope I can at least be sensible with it and try to keep my spending down.