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Monday, 14 January 2013

Eleanor's Jumper

Hi Guys!!

I thought while I'm on here viewing my friends blog I should update mine.

Firstly my new job is still awesome. I am so much happier now I'm like a different person.

(this is where I had to pause because my kitten Bill was trying to eat a roll of sticky tape)

Secondly, knitting update. So I decided to buy this yarn to make something for my niece for Christmas because it is perfect for her

Its pink and sparkly, so Eleanor.

So my sister is all 'wow that is so Eleanor, knit her a jumper!' Turns out James C Brett Moonlight Sonata DK has really great yarndage. Turns out that not even this great yardage is enough to cover a seven year old body. So i find this pattern:

I figured I could modify it and do the bottom band, neck band and arms in a cream colour. I thought it would look cool, maybe baseball style (am I thinking about the right American sport here?) it worked for me before when i did my  Peppermint Twist

Except this pattern wants me to do the shoulders in the round. I have no idea how to go from white arm to pink sparkle body and back again in the round. So i did what comes naturally to me. I left it in the corner and huffed. By the time I was willing to return to my stupid jumper I was feeling more optimistic. I sat down with the pattern and planned how i could manage to get it finished. It was an amazing plan, I picked up the needles ready to get started and realised the bloody cat had chewed through them. Bloody good job he's cute.

Bonus picture of Bill