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Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I'm having a completely weird time at the moment (in relation to knitting) and its my darling sock yarn blankets fault. I LOVE knitting this blanket. I love watching it grow and seeing all the pretty colours and I can't wait until its finished and myself and the boyfriend can snuggle up underneath it.

I've received a lot of donations from my knitting group, in fact I'm not sure if there's anyone left who hasn't donated (and I am very grateful to them all!) but i keep wanting more which means I'm desperate to finish loads of 4ply projects so I can have my scraps.

I've finished my Hermione everyday socks that have been sat neglected on the needles for far too long.
I'm very glad they are finished. I love them. As soon as they were cast off I put them straight on. I love how the yarn turned out too, they look far more like they have a vague stripe to them instead of the pooling I usually experience with jitterbug yarn.

I have also finished my featherweight cardigan (which I don't have a picture of yet :( ) and despite this being a super annoying knit (I mean really? sleeves? most boring things ever) I really like this finished cardigan. I get loads of complements when I wear it out and I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear out of it as it goes with pretty much every item of clothing I own.

I also finished the boyfriends hat. This isn't one of my 4ply adventures but I was very much spurred on to finish this. I think it was a combination of my finishing binge for everything else, the boyfriend constantly asking me if it was done and the fact I hated knitting it (k1 p1 forever :s ).
Though I think it was mostly because my non-knitting family kept laughing at me for making him a hat. They were all so sure it was going to be horrid and the boyfriend would have to wear it all the time because I've never knit him anything before. I was getting lots of 'haha are you going to put a big pompom on it?' no of course I'm not. 'haha why are you knitting him a hat? It's April?' well darling family, in case you haven't noticed yet it may be April but its 2 degrees Celsius outside and my boyfriends job often takes him up Scottish hills past the snow line.
I'm sure you can tell that typing this out is bringing back all those memories of me knitting away in a dark room sat with the family fantasizing about making my darling sister eat the remaining yarn once I'm done.
Anyway, the hat was finished. Though the knit was boring (k1 p1 k1 p1 k1 p1 k1 p1 k1 p1 yargh!!) I am happy with the hat, its an attractive looking hat for a man and the rib makes it stretchy so i didn't have to stress about the fit.

And then after my finishing binge I didn't have a clue what I wanted to cast on. I could even decide if I was in the mood for garment, accessory or sock. I've been padding for time with some teeny tiny baby items for the step brother who is having a baby soon (via his wife) and the fabulous sock yarn blanket.
I have cast on the lace shrug from Glamour Knits by Erika Knight (bought for me by the best mate Nik for my birthday, thank you chick!) with a mohair/merino blend in a pale green. However I'm a bit unfamiliar with lace knitting  so this will have to be kept as in-the-house knitting.

And hopefully I will remember to keep my blog updated when the inevitable start-itis begins :)

Thank you anyone who reads this, much appreciated

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